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Knit One Purl What?

June 3, 2012 7 comments

When I was newly married, nearly 20-years ago, one day my husband came to me with a sock in his hand and a hopeful look on his face. The sock you see, had a hole in it. He gave it to me and like the good wife that I was, I smiled sweetly, gently took it from his hand and immediately tossed it into the trash.

Buy a new one. I said.

That pretty much sums up my abilities and attitude toward domestic craftiness. Crafty is not my forte. I keep a neat, clean house and even cook, occasionally. I love to celebrate, decorate (with pre-made, store bought items of course) and bake. BUT I do not darn.

I don’t sew. I don’t needle point. I don’t crotchet and I do not knit. That would require sitting patiently for an extended period of time. Not going to happen. I absolutely admire those who do, truly, I do, but -I– do not.

What astounds me, is that my eleven-year old daughter does! Knit that is. How can this be? It’s certainly not in the genes. And yet, it’s not just a passing phase either, like the finger-knitting was. That ended after about 100-feet of straight and narrow knitting (enough to wrap around a staircase banister about five times, like garland only it’s very thin, colorful and made of yarn) and about thirty finger-knitted neck warmers she and her friends made to sell at school. No, this is different. She’s using needles, has more than one set and even asked me to buy her a pair of bamboo ones. She’s completed a wrap, a scarf, a small blanket and has even knitted jewelry — a necklace and wrist band. She learned last fall and there’s no sign of her stopping; it’s a knitting-frenzy if you will. Dare I say, she’s got the knack-for-knitting. And she’s at it, every free minute she gets.

In the car, at school…

In the kitchen….

Even on the baseball field!

I’ve written before about her unique and trend setting abilities, how I want to be just like her when I grow up. How proud I am of her.

But this knitting thing kind of throws me for a loop. (Pun intended)

Truth be told, I couldn’t be happier.

Tell me, do your children have talents that surprise you?

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