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That Sneaky, Slithering Snake!

I prefer easing into technology. My cell phone doesn’t get the Internet or email. There are no Facebook or Skyping “apps”. I can talk and text. That’s it. It’s not that I’m technologically challenged, on the contrary, I love all forms of communication and am fascinated by the whole new social media arena. I recently took a blogging class and managed to set up this blog site myself. A few months ago I set up a Twitter account. (Follow me @midmomlife!) I’ve been tweeting a teaser or two of my upcoming blog each week and have, to my great astonishment and satisfaction, figured out how to connect my blog to my Twitter so that my blog automatically appears as a tweet on Twitter. Phew! As a part-time working, soccer and tennis practice shuttling mom, my free time is late at night, time. And while I’m totally on board with 45 being the new 35, this 46 year-old mama, gets tired by midnight! It’s a lot of work reading, creating, tweaking, uploading and embedding; teaching myself the ins and outs of all these new formats, trying to find my niche and knack!

Needless to say, I had a moment of pure discouragement earlier this week when I heard about the Bronx Zoo’s missing, Egyptian cobra and all of her instantaneous social media success.

Ironically, if there is one animal that really gets under my skin, it’s the snake. A snake nearly ruined a barbecue celebration I was having in my backyard once by blatantly slithering right up to the party.

When I saw it, I jumped onto the nearest chair and screamed bloody murder! My then, 60-year old aunt, God bless her, started screaming also, in German, but not because of the snake. She was screaming at the snake! She had sprung into rambo style action, grabbing a loose brick from an outdoor grill and proceeded to bash it, mercilessly, to bits, in a matter of seconds, in front of family and friends. The woman is truly, FEARLESS. For many years she owned a bakery and has often been likened to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, only she’s a woman, blond and instead of soup, it’s chocolate torts and apple strudels that people lined up for while she made the snap determination as to whether or not they were worthy. A few weeks after the barbecue incident, my aunt’s son, was sitting in my backyard when he spotted yet another snake, this time, it was swimming in my pool! Like a repeating nightmare with a new twist, he followed the snake along the perimeter of the pool until the moment was just right, reached in bare-handed, pulled it out and smashed it on a rock! Ohh-kaay. Dare I say, something truly unique runs through the blood-veins of that side of the family.

I am scarred and I digress. Back to my moment of discouragement.

Have you heard? The missing snake from the Bronx Zoo not only setup her own Twitter account hours after her escape but gained thousands of followers, literally overnight!

According to Mediabistro’s FishBowlNY….

In its first tweet, @BronxZoosCobra wrote: “I want to thank those animals from the movie ‘Madagascar.’ They were a real inspiration.” (“Madagascar” is the 2005 film where animals escape the Central Park zoo). The cobra now has over 43,000 followers, and under location it writes: “Not at the Bronx Zoo.”

That was Tuesday. According to oObly, as of Friday, @BronxzoosCobra had over 200,000 followers. How does this happen? Here I am plugging away, hour after hour, night after night, week and month after month, tweaking and tweeting since November and I have a whopping 5, that’s right, count-em, 5, followers on Twitter! One of my faithful 5 (and you can follow me on twitter @midmomlife to verify this) doesn’t even speak English! I have no idea what language she speaks or why she follows me!

This sneaky, snake slithers onto the scene and three days later, BOOM over 200,000 followers!

I totally get being trounced on Twitter by that actor whose drug usage recently took him to new heights of insanity but a snake? Seriously? Alas, as of yesterday, that sneaky, slithering, snake is back in its cage!  And according to Jim Breheny, the Director of the Bronx Zoo,   “…the snake has been found well and alive.”

Ahem…um, yep, we knew that. She’s pretty much been saying that all week!

What we want to know is, will she keep tweeting?

Tell me, do you Twitter?

Photo Credit #1: © Technorati, Inc  Photo Credit #2: Twitter via Mediabistro

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  1. Bobbie
    April 3, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    I have a twitter account which I haven’t used yet, even though people are following my non-tweets. What a strange thing!

    But I must say, as a snake LOVER (my son takes photos when they appear in the yard), I can totally get why a 60-year-old woman should be allowed to do as she pleases with them (and, having tasted her wonderful cookies, she should also totally be able to decide who gets to eat them!), but I would have scolded your cousin! It was probably a harmless garter or a black snake, just hanging out and eating the mice that would otherwise be getting into your house.

    Next time can you get that husband of yours to catch it on the end of a rake and fling it into your neighbor’s yard? 🙂 Or call me and I’ll do it!


  2. April 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Ha, Ha! I love the idea of flinging the snake into my neighbor’s yard. Hopefully, however, he won’t be my neighbor for much longer! Thanks, Bobbie. 🙂


  3. anita
    April 3, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    I laughed until I cried. I don’t have a snake story that comes even close, but I do have a mouse tale (but I’ll save that for my blog or twitter or whatever, whenever I get the hang of this technology thing)…perhaps I could have used one of those snakes in my back yard.


  4. Veronica
    April 4, 2011 at 9:15 am

    I’ve never even been to a Twitter site!

    Your snake digression really freaked me out and I had no idea that was where this storying was going, you need a warning message in your title!


    • April 4, 2011 at 4:01 pm

      Ha,ha little girl, you may have actually been on that chair screaming with me if I recall correctly and perhaps you have blocked out the traumatic event…. follow me …. @midmomlife !!


  5. nana
    April 8, 2011 at 10:58 am

    great blog! but I too, hate snakes with a passion!!


  6. nana
    April 8, 2011 at 11:01 am



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