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A Thousand Miles

March 25, 2012 9 comments

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Chinese Proverb

Last week’s post sent me into my own kind of time and space continuum, reflecting on all that has occurred and changed in the span of one year; my job to a certain degree, my car, where I live and so much more, including how I approach things and what I find important to me now. Feeling like I’ve traveled a thousand miles since then, I’ve realized it’s true, it all began with a single step; literally putting one foot in front of the other and often they were baby-steps.

After taking so many steps, it became apparent that the road isn’t always a straight course. Sometimes, even a path with heart gets side-tracked by unexpected twists and turns. At times, it’s necessary to take drastic measures to get to where you need to be. But in doing so, you increase the possibility of opening the doors to where the power of your soul exits. There are no limits to what can be achieved when you tap into the power of your soul. You discover that with a little perseverance, that which once seemed insurmountable, is not. I’ve learned to Let Go, a lot.

I’ve also learned that anything is possible when you are true to yourself and your beliefs.

People have tremendous power to change their conditions.

                                                                                                    ~ Anonymous

Life truly is an adventure and every adventure begins with one single step, forward.

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